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DIY Lampshade ideas

One of my favourite things about being crafty is that you can make things to match your home and personality perfectly. Lampshades are the centrepiece of any room and can really transform it. I've rounded up some lampshade inspiration and I'll talk through some different techniques you could try!


An ideal scrap-busting project! I love the striping in this one; there are endless different coloured stripe combinations you could play with. Textured yarn could also be exciting; a mohair or boucle yarn would be beautiful and delicate. A chunky rope or T-shirt yarn would be really bold and fun. You could also experiment with opacity, wrapping the yarn further apart, which would create interesting shadows, too.


This is a similar concept to the above, but you could just thread a load of beads onto a string and wrap it around the shade frame. Charity shops are a great source of beads, and you can also repurpose some old jewellery. I love the chaotic vibe of this one. I think the mismatched beads are super fun and playful. If this isn't your aesthetic, you could curate a selection of tonal beads in different shapes and sizes.


Simple yet effective, pleats are timeless and would look great in any room. There are lots of different kinds of pleats to try; I think the box pleats are my favourite and add so much character to the room. Playing with scale could be fun, I'd love to see some super tiny pleats and some mega giants ones.


Any excuse to bring knitting into other crafts, but I love this idea! You could use one fabric for the whole shade or sew together a load of gauge swatches. I think this would look beautiful in an all-over lace, creating such a pretty shadow. You could also experiment with different types of fibre and yarn. If you are a crocheter you could of course do a crochet version!

Fabric Scraps

For all the sewers out there, this is perfect for using up smaller fabric scraps you have hanging around. You could either use lots of thin strips like the example below or patch some squares together. If you have made lots of interiors for your home it would be so nice to have a bit of each project in the lampshade, it would really tie everything together.

I hope I have inspired you to try making some lampshades! I would love to see any you make. Feel free to tag us on Instagram @craftyllamauk.

We have some lampshade kits available on the website here.

Happy lampshade making,

Rosie x

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