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Notions every knitter & crocheter should have in their toolkit

Whether you're a seasoned knitter/crocheter or just starting out, having the right tools and notions is essential for bringing your projects to life with precision and ease. From the beginnings of selecting the perfect yarn to the intricate details of shaping and finishing, this guide will explore the indispensable tools and notions every knitter and crocheter should have in their toolkit. Let's dive into the essentials that will elevate your crafting experience.

Row counters

A row counter is essential for me. I used to tally in a notebook but always used to forget a row here and there and end up having to count my rows anyway. The use of a row counter has sped up my process and they also make great fidget toys. The KnitPro Row Counter Ring is great for on-the-go crafting, I like to put mine on my index finger so it is almost impossible for me to forget to count a row. I also really like the Mindful Collection Row Counter; the click style is really quick and easy to use.

Snips and Scissors

In my opinion, the more, the merrier; I am ALWAYS losing mine, so I like to have a few dotted about in different crafting corners and stash bags. The HiyaHiya Animal snips are great if you're always losing yours like me. They come with a handy chain to clip them onto your keys or needle bag, so you always know they will stay put. Another favourite of mine is the Mindful Collection Rainbow Folding Scissors; not only do they look pretty, but they fold up to shield the blades, perfect for portability, and you know they won't damage anything in your bag.

Stitch Markers

I used to use scraps of yarn tied into a loop before I decided it was time to finally invest in some stitch markers, and they have changed my life. This is another notion I like to have dotted about in different bags and corners, so they are always handy. I love the Hiya Hiya Knitter's Safety pins; you can use them for both knit and crochet as they are locking markers. I love that they are sleek and not bulky at all, meaning they don't get in my way when knitting. I am also a sucker for a decorative charm-style marker so love the Llama ones too.


The Lykke project bag is a great companion for crafting out and about; with multiple pockets, it's perfect for keeping your yarn, needles and project organised. We have the Camel and Maroon colours available, but let us know if you'd like to see any other colours! I love the HiyaHiya Dumpling Case. It's ideal for stitch markers, and the snap opening makes it really convenient to pop open when needed.

Super Essentials

These are the accessories I truly could not live without. A tape measure is obviously a must, and I love the HiyaHiya Alpaca one as it is retractable, keeping my craft bag tidy. It's just a shame it isn't a Llama. Darning needles are another one I couldn't live without, and I love the ones by Clover as they come in a handy case (if you can't tell, I love organisation), and they are available in two different sizes.


For years, I had put off properly finishing my knit and crochet pieces, but since wet blocking all of my finished garments, it has changed my life. It really elevates pieces, and the fabric drapes beautifully. I couldn't live without my KnitPro blocking mats and T-pins; they are the perfect duo for shaping your garments when blocking. I love that the mats interlock so you can use as many as you need!

I hope I have introduced you to some new tools & notions and inspired you to fully finish and block your pieces (yes, that includes weaving in the dreaded ends) if you aren't already. Would you like to see a blog post on how to block your garments?

I would love to hear what your favourite notions are! I am always looking to try something new and get exciting products into the shop.

Happy crafting,

Rosie x

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