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These Lykke interchangeable cables are designed to work seamlessly with Lykke interchangeable needles and their interchangeable crochet hooks.

Their seamless joins and smooth design allow your stitches to slip effortlessly from needle to cable, enhancing your knitting experience.

All Lykke interchangeable cables have a tightening hole, allowing you to ensure your cable and needle/hooks do not unscrew during use.


Please note that cable lengths are measured once attached to your needle and measured tip to tip.

Each pack comes with a cable of your desired length, two stoppers and a cable key for tightening.

Available in the following lengths: 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm

Please note, lengths are achieved once connected to your needles. When used with the 3.5" needles, your final cable length will be approximately 7cm (3") shorter.

Only compatible with Lykke hooks and needle tips

Lykke Interchangeable Knitting Cables


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