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The kollage SQUARE Circular Knitting Needles Combo Set is perfect for knitters who want ergonomic knitting needles.


Available in firm or soft cable variations and in cable lengths of 16", 24", 32", or 40", the sets include 11 fixed circular knitting needles with the swivel connector design, and a dual zippered blue pouch with 2 extra pockets to store accessories.


Pictured is the 16" firm set.


Length is achievable by measuring from one tip to the other tip.

kollage SQUARE Circular Knitting Needle Combo Set

  • Fixed Circular Knitting Needles:

    2.00mm (US 0)

    2.25mm (US 1)

    2.75mm (US 2)

    3.25mm (US 3)

    3.50mm (US 4)

    3.75mm (US 5)

    4.00mm (US 6)

    4.50mm (US 7)

    5.00mm (US 8)

    5.50mm (US 9)

    6.00mm (US 10)



    Blue dual zippered pouch

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