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5 Free Knitted Fruit & Vegetable Patterns

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

knitted fruit and vegetable patterns

Since the warmer months are now approaching, many of us knitters/crocheters don’t really want to be making sweaters and hats yet (that’s more of a job for July – in my case at least, since it takes me six months to finish a sweater!). So what shall we occupy our idle hands with? Why not try your hand at knitting some cute fruits and vegetables! They’re perfect for little ones or for simply decorating your own house.

Without further ado, here is a list of five fun (FREE!) knitting patterns of fruits and vegetables to create your own set. After all, five a day keeps the doctor away! Simply click on the title of each design to view the pattern:

1. Knitted Avocado by Amanda Berry

The first fruity pattern is of the cutest avocado you’ll ever see! The avocado has two halves: one hollow and one with the pit – isn’t that adorable! To make this you’ll only need to know basic knitting stitches, such as knit and purl, decrease and increase. The pattern is also knit flat, so no need to knit in the round!

knitted avocado pattern

Here are the supplies you’ll need: