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How to Crochet Flower Face Scrubbies

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

crochet flower face scrubbies

Discover how to crochet an amazing flower face scrubby with this free pattern from Sarah Goss. We’ve included some top tips to help you create the perfect crochet face scrubbies. You can also watch on the Crafty Llama YouTube channel for a handy video tutorial.

Pattern: Flower Face Scrubby by Sarah Goss

Yarn: Paintbox DK Cotton, any cotton or cotton bamboo blend will work

Hooks: 4mm single-ended crochet hook

Other accessories used: darning needle, scissors, and stitch markers

Flower Face Scrubby Crochet Pattern

These face scrubbies are crocheted in the round which means you will only need to weave in two ends. Starting with a magic ring/circle, you’ll create a cinched starting point and won’t have a hole in the middle of your face scrubby. Our YouTube channel features a video tutorial with three different methods for creating a magic ring.

The flower face scrubby pattern is made out of three simple rounds, using basic crochet stitches to create the flower effect. As the face scrubbies are fairly straight forward in shape, this pattern is an ideal learning project for anyone new to working in the round. Several different types of stitch are used throughout the project; the puff stitch, chain stitches, double crochet, and slip stitch. The puff stitch is the most advanced stitch used, which is essentially a combination of yarn overs and pulling up loops.

flower face scrubby crochet pattern