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Lykke Driftwood Crochet Hooks are beautifully smooth, light, and the perfect length for a comfortable crochet experience.

These hooks have an interesting head, with a particularly pointed tip and deep groove, fantastic for intricate patterns and lightweight yarns! Lykke's birchwood single-ended crochet hooks are warm to the touch and easy on the hand (and the eye), making for great crocheting!

Lykke Driftwood Crochet Hooks are handcrafted in a scenic region of Kathmandu, Nepal. Rather than using machinery to create their needles, Lykke rely on the skill and the graceful human touch of dedicated crafts people.

Hook length: 6"

Available in sizes: 3.25mm-12.75mm

Lykke Driftwood Crochet Hooks

PriceFrom £4.75

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