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The Hiyahiya steel interchangeable knitting needle set is the perfect gift for beginner knitters!


This set, available in 4" or 5", features the Hiyahiya interchangeable straights--the first of its kind! To use, simply screw together straight pieces (as many or few as you'd like to achieve your own custom length), screw on a bead stopper on one end and a tip on the other and there you have it--your very own custom length straight knitting needle.


If you've got the Hiyahiya interchangeable cables in small (or large if you also use the Hiyahiya tip adapter) you can attatch your straight needle to the cable for a longer tipped circular needle! This set is also perfect for any travelling knitter or knitter on the go as it packs away into a beautiful brocade case.


*You can also purchase the Hiyahiya Interchangeable Straight Knitting Needles if you'd like more straight peices to make your needles longer or want any spare parts! (just make sure you get the small set)

HiyaHiya Steel Interchangeable Straight Knitting Needle Set

  • Tip sizes:










    Straight interchangeable needle (6 pieces)

    1 x pair of bead cable stoppers

    1 x sheep needle gauge

    1 x brocade case

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