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The HiyaHiya Cable Needles are perfect for use with Aran patterns and other knitting patterns involving crossed stitches. Simply slip your stitches onto the needle and hold at either the back or front of your knitting. The thoughtful design of these cable needles from HiyaHiya ensures that stitches are held securely in place, making your knitting projects much easier to manage.


The HiyaHiya cable needles come in a pack of three in various sizes: 3mm (pink), 4mm (green), 5mm (purple).


About HiyaHiya

HiyaHiya has grown to become a renowned knitting and crochet brand since its inception in 2004. Its impeccable quality and acclaimed prestige among knitters are no accidents. HiyaHiya's innovation and dedication to quality has led it to be one of the most sought-after needles on the market, and a world first, the Interchangeable Straight Needle.


The catalogue of products has been critically acclaimed by various bloggers and vloggers across the world, with many choosing HiyaHiya as their preferred brand over many others.


HiyaHiya's knitting range comes in three varieties; bamboo, steel, and sharp, each offering a unique experience that can accomplish a wide variety and comprehensive range of patterns and designs. These can be combined with its illustrious range of accessories that have been designed with the knitter’s experience in mind, ensuring a comfortable knit.

HiyaHiya Cable Needles

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