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This sleek winder allows you to effortlessly wind your skeins of yarn into perfect cakes without the risk of tangling. The yarn guide and bobbin have been designed with ample space to easily wind up to 100g of yarn (130g for lightweight yarns). The unique system of gears allows you to wind more yarn with fewer handle rotations, each rotation of the handle turns the bobbin 4.4 times, making winding faster and less strenuous. The winder is clamped with thick rubber to attach it to surfaces securely without scratching. The winder has been designed with a protective cover and inner lid to stop the yarn from getting tangled in the mechanism and also prevent any lint or dust from entering the winder. This product has been designed, manufactured and assembled in Japan with careful consideration to create a superior winder that performs smoothly and consistently to a very high standard.   

Clover Yarn Ball Winder

SKU: 3205

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