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The very best of the DotpebblesKnits Knitted Frogs

Updated: May 15, 2023

If you are a knitter on the internet, chances are you have come across the absolutely magnificent frog pattern written by Claire Garland, aka DotpebblesKnits. Whether they are snuggled in a cosy jumper, exploring the world or clutching the tiniest cutest accessories, these frogs have been all over social media for a while now with no signs of slowing down! Here at Crafty Llama we LOVE seeing their cute little faces pop up on Instagram and it's given me an idea...

A blog post to showcase the very best frogs the internet has to offer!

If you are seeking inspiration for your latest little frog outfit, looking to commission one of the wonderful creators out there for a frog of your own, or you just want to browse through the finest of froggy friends - look no further! The creators featured have all the information you need on their profile - whether they sell patterns, have commissions that are currently open or if they tie their knitting in with their other passions for creative writing, science or travel.

I'd love to keep adding to this list so please do contact us on Instagram @craftyllamauk if you would like your Dotpebbles frogs to be included, or to nominate another creator! And with that, let's get started by introducing Claire Garland herself...

Claire Garland, aka DotPebblesKnits, is the creator behind the pattern that started it all! I've been an admirer of DotPebblesKnits patterns for a while now - they can be challenging but produce really wonderful and realistic-looking animals. Check out the Instagram above, or Etsy here in order to make your own creature. They are sure to become a much-treasured possession.

If you are looking for needles, yarn or accessories for your next project, I would like to take this opportunity to plug our very own website - for all your crafting needs!

Without further ado... on to the frogs!

Who was your favourite frog? Let us know in the comments below. And don't forget to ping us a message on Instagram to help us build the frog blog! All frogs accepted.

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