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10 Free Easy Knitting Ideas for Beginners

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Are you a beginner looking for inspiration for your next knitting idea or project? If so, you’ve come to the right place! It can be a frustrating task filtering through page upon page, trying to find a pattern suited to your preferences and experience level. Don’t worry because we’re here to help. As a beginner, it goes without saying that smaller projects will be quicker and easier to complete, which is a sensible idea for building up your knitting knowledge and ability. Below you will find a curated list of fantastic free knitting ideas to help guide you in the right direction for your next knitting project.

Coasters offer a perfect, simple knitting project for beginners to get started with. Small, quick, and easy, knitting a coaster can help you learn the basic stitches required for knitting, most importantly knit and purl, and for practicing stitch definition. This project takes around 3-60 minutes to complete.

beginner knitting ideas

Pattern Designer: Nimble Needle

Knitting your own clothing should provide a unique sense of pride and achievement. After all, who else gets to enjoy the spoils of their work so closely? Like the coaster pattern above, a knitted hat is a great starting point for beginners. Knitting a hat should take between one and three hours, depending on your speed and confidence. For this project, you’ll need double pointed needles (DPNs), circular flyer needles, stitch markers, and yarn (preferably worsted).

The size of your needles, yarn, and project measurements will vary depending on how big your hat will be.

beginner knitting ideas

Pattern Designer: Becciebcreative

Keep your hands warm without losing any dexterity with these wonderful fingerless mittens. The simple design of these fingerless mittens makes them perfect for beginner knitters, as well as anyone who wants to keep their hands warm. Mittens can be worn without stopping you from using your mobile phone, playing an instrument, or even knitting your next pair!

beginner knitting ideas

Pattern Designer: Simple Knitting

Making a miniature clothing item for a toy doll is a great way of learning the techniques required to create a life-sized, wearable version in the future. A smaller outfit minimises the chances of making any mistakes, potentially saving previous time once you feel ready to move onto a full-sized version. Being so small, it also provides an opportunity for you to use any scrap yarn you might have left over from other knitting projects!

beginner knitting ideas

Pattern Designer: Roving Crafters

A knitted bag for your knitting supplies, what a genius idea! This project is a must to stash all of your knitting accessories into a stylish bag, suitable for leaving at home or taking on the go. This knitted bag design can be used for any purpose, but be mindful not to overfill it with weight items - it can only hold so much weight!

While this bag is a little more complex than other projects mentioned above, it’s still a great beginners project to ease yourself into the realm of knitting bags. It’s also nice to have a project that results in something so versatile and can be used in day-to-day life.

beginner knitting ideas

Pattern Designer: Simple Knitting

Dishcloths are an easy knit for beginners and handy to have around when the dishes need doing (as long as you don’t mind getting your project dirty!). These copycat dishcloths resemble traditional dishcloths, even including the stockinette band at each end. Before you start this project, make sure that you use an absorbent yarn; cotton yarns are the best option. If you’re looking to use a blended yarn, try a cotton/soy blend, which will make your dishcloth easier on your hands when in use.

beginner knitting ideas

Pattern Designer: Leah Michelle Designs

This chunky scarf is a great way to develop and advance your skills from a beginner to more intermediate knitting patterns. However, this project isn’t as busy as it looks! The pattern requires a chunky yarn, making it easier to stitch and giving you a better understanding of the process. A stylish and affordable project, it should take beginners around three hours to complete.

beginner knitting ideas

Pattern Designer: Jen Reilly

When it’s cold and windy there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up with a knitted cowl. Cowls are an alternative to shawls or scarves, ideal for when you need to throw something on quickly without the worry of losing it to a gust of wind. A cowl is also the perfect knitting project for beginners because they’re seamless, meaning that no sewing is required. They’re also knitted in the round with circular needles and can be made to fit any size.

beginner knitting ideas

Pattern Designer: Ashley Lillis

Chunky blankets are becoming increasingly popular, especially during the colder months. Not only do these fun-to-make blankets keep you nice and warm, they’re also quick and easy to create, thanks to using bigger needles and bigger yarn. Chunky blankets are a great way to introduce family and friends to knitting; using super chunky yarn even means that no needles are needed, just use your arms to get started on a super fun project that even children can join in on!

beginner knitting ideas

Pattern Designer: BHooked

Finally, we have these cosy (and stylish!) leg warmers. Just like the previous nine patterns, they’re easy to make and could come in super handy during the winter months. The idea behind this pattern is the simplicity of their design. Once finished, wear your brand new leg warmers over your jeans, leggings, on bare legs, or tucked into winter boots, the possibilities are endless!

beginner knitting ideas

Pattern Designer: Made by Marni

If you’ve found this blog helpful and give any of these festive patterns a go, tag Crafty Llama on Instagram so we can see your amazing beginners knitting projects. Check out our Knitting Shop if you need to add any supplies to your project bag and bring these wonderful ideas to life.

Happy knitting!

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