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10 Easy Christmas Decoration Crochet Ideas

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Beautiful Christmas music has filled the air since the start of December (if you’re lucky to have escaped it in November, that is) and, by now, you’ve probably finished hanging up your Christmas decorations. But, it’s never too late to add some more ornaments to enhance the Christmas experience!

If you’ve been thinking about looking around for more ornament ideas but can’t find the time, don’t worry, we have you covered! Here are ten simple Christmas decoration ideas for you to crochet, either for yourself or as the perfect seasonal gift with a personal touch. The Christmas decoration ideas below can be used as a single hanging ornament or combined with other decorations to make a garland.

Get your yarn stash and hooks ready because you’ll want to create all ten of these cute Christmas ornaments!

Christmas stockings not only add to the warmth of Christmas and complete your picturesque fireplace, they’re also the ideal place to put small gifts! This textured stocking will add to the festive spirit and is quick and easy, with simple stitches ideal for a beginner to tackle. If you don't have a fireplace then hang up your crochet stockings on the Christmas tree.

Pattern Designer: Passionate Crafter


Candy canes are an essential part of Christmas. Some of us hang these sweet, sugary treats on our Christmas trees or use them as stocking fillers. If you’re using them decoratively, why not dress them up in a delightful crochet cover?

If you like this idea, you’ll love it when we tell you that this pattern is only three rows long, making it quick and easy to make. So, get hold of your yarn, grab some hooks, and start crocheting yourself some pretty little candy cane covers right now!

Pattern Designer: Sewrella


Who doesn’t love a Christmas tree? What we love about them is how easy it is to create decorative crochet Christmas trees to hang on your actual tree! These cute little trees are a great ornament and can also add a perfect final touch to your festive gift boxes.

You can crochet your own Christmas trees in a single colour or make a multi-coloured set to really show off your yarn collection. Would you prefer to hang these irresistibly cute crocheted trees individually or create a beautiful garland to wrap around your Christmas tree? How about draping them over your mantle piece or front door? Decision, decisions…

Pattern Designer: Yarn and Hooks


If you fancy a quick project that can be crocheted in under 30 minutes, check out this gem of a pattern! These crochet mini hats are incredibly cute and can be made in a single colour or a combination. You can use these hats in several different ways: gift card holders, strung up as garland gift toppers, or even as a handy mug cover to keep your hot drinks hot!

Pattern Designer: Yarn and Hooks


What sound is most synonymous with Christmas? Jingling bells! This beautiful crochet Christmas bell is simple to make and should only take around 10 minutes, though they won’t make quite the same noise as a regular bell. Crochet a few of these cute bells in a variety of colours and dot them all over your Christmas tree with other ornaments, any guests you might have are sure to admire them!

Pattern Designer: All Craft TV


Every year it seems like we’re always looking for more Christmas tree ornaments. Instead of spending money on cheap, plasticky ornaments, why not crochet yourself something a little more unique? Wind spinners have always been a popular decoration and work fantastically if you work in contrasting colours to really make them stand out against the green of your Christmas tree.

Pattern Designer: Tuula Maaria


Whether you’re having the family round this Christmas or just having a quiet one on your own, we’re certain you’ve thought about plans for the big Christmas Day dinner. If you’re looking around the dinner table and thinking it might need that special festive touch, we think these lovely mug rugs might just do the trick! Use them as coasters for mugs of coffee and tea, or even glasses full of champagne or wine. For more advanced crocheters, expand the size of your project and you have Christmas-themed placemats too!

Pattern Designer: Katie Bug Design


Christmas wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from Father Christmas. If you enjoy making amigurumi, this mini Santa Claus ornament could be the ideal addition to your seasonal project list. Or, you could make a young person’s year by gifting them a lucky charm to make sure the big man himself visits them on Christmas Eve.

Pattern Designer: Zoe Kotsia


Would a Christmas tree be complete if it didn’t have any baubles on it? Make your Christmas tree your own by adding a large crocheted Christmas bauble with an array of bold and vibrant colours to make it stand out from the pack!

Pattern Designer: Annie Design Crochet


Not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy a white Christmas. But that shouldn’t stop you from adding some of your own with these beautiful wintry snowflakes. This crochet snowflake pattern is ideal for crafters who like to work with thread and can be added as surprise gifts inside your Christmas cards, as stocking fillers, or add a special final touch to your Christmas decorations.

Pattern Designer: Julia Hart

If you’ve found this blog helpful and give any of these festive patterns a go, tag Crafty Llama on Instagram so we can see your amazing crochet Christmas decorations. Check out our Crochet Shop if you need to add any supplies to your project bag and bring these wonderful patterns to life.

Happy crocheting!

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