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How to use up your yarn scraps

5 project ideas to help you get through your stash

I have an ever-growing scrap stash that I'm unsure what to do with and I'm sure many knitters and crocheters are in the same boat. In this blog post, I will share some of my favourite ways different creators are using their scraps, hopefully inspiring you to get through your stash. Let's not think about the ends!

Scrap Jumper

Sweater weather is finally here! You'll need a good stash of scraps for these projects but I think they're worthy. There is a really nice range of techniques used here in both knit and crochet. The main themes seem to be stripes, running yarns together and embellishment/embroidery. I think my favourite is the crochet piece by @limooks as the use of tonal-coloured yarns really refines the scrap aesthetic and is great to do if you usually work with similar colours.

Scrap Bag

I love a scrap bag! It's a great way to add a quick pop of colour to an outfit, especially if you tend to wear more muted outfits. It's fairly easy to make up a simple bag pattern, even just by knitting two rectangles and stitching them together along 3 sides, then adding a simple knit or crochet strap. And just like that you have a bag! I like the idea of making a super chunky bag by running a load of yarns together, would be a super quick make too. Below are some interesting scrap bag ideas you could try.

Scrap Scarf

If you have a load of tension swatches hanging about, a scarf like the one below would be a perfect chance to use these up. Just simply stitch them together and give it a good block to flatten out any unevenness. You could also use this as an opportunity to learn a load of new stitches, trying a new technique for every piece, by the end, you'll have learnt SO many new stitches, and you get a scarf out of it!

Scrap Beanie

A beanie is a great beginner-friendly project - quick to make and there are so many tutorials online. Perfect for gift-giving season as you won't need to buy any new yarn and won't have as many ends to worry about. Check out some of the cool beanies that you can use your scrap yarns for!

Granny Squares

Any granny square project is a super simple way of getting through the scrap stash. It's really easy to change colours each round, but my top tip would be to crochet them in after each colour change. If I didn't sew the ends in as a go, I'd end up with another unfinished project in my pile. You can make anything from clothes to homewares, here are some of my favourite projects...

I hope you guys enjoyed my round-up of scrap yarn inspo. I'd love to see anything you make so please tag us in any Instagram posts @craftyllamauk or on Facebook Crafty Llama UK.

If you have any blog requests or questions feel free to DM or email us.

Happy knitting,


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