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5 Knitting Patterns for Valentine's Day

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

valentine's day knitting patterns

February - a month of love and atonement that brings us Valentine’s Day to celebrate relationships, expressions of love, and, of course, romance. What better way to express your love for those closest to you than making them a unique knitted gift, delivered straight from the heart! Invest your love into making decorative items for around the house, or gifts to send to friends and family. Here are five of our favourite Valentine’s Day knitting ideas:

Express your love with this cute knitted heart pattern. They can be made in large or small sizes (or both, if you’re making them for the Grinch), but it’s better for beginners to start with the larger design as it’s easier to knit. Hang these hearts around the house as a garland or create a pin to wear your heart on your sleeve.

valentine's day knitting patterns

Pattern Designer: Juanamac

Spruce up your home with this lovely knitted heart pillow case cover. Completing a project like this gives you more than just a fulfilling sense of achievement, you also get to enjoy the results of your work every time you put your feet up! Simply choose two different yarn colours and knit away, you’ll have a unique hand-made item to enjoy (or gift) in no time.

valentine's day knitting patterns

Pattern Designer: Drops Design

Keep your loved ones warm inside with a coffee cup cosy, a valuable gift for the coldest months of the year! This cup cosy is very fitting, keeping hot drinks hotter for longer. The heart-shaped pattern shown is made using cable stitch to give the knit an added vibrant dimension. The pattern itself can be completed using plain or variegated yarn using circular needles. Your Valentine’s Day gift is sorted if you have an avid coffee lover in your life!

valentine's day knitting patterns

Pattern Designer: Thaddeus Nelson

A knitted bookmark is the perfect project for absolute beginners. It’s also a wonderful gift for book lovers, especially a love-themed bookmark like this. The pattern can be knitted into a string of as many hearts as you need, or as a single heart to create a hanging ornament. The intricate detail of the hearts, and the red ribbon that runs through them, makes this a truly exquisite gift.

valentine's day knitting patterns

Pattern Designer: Judy Gibson

Is Valentine’s Day complete without a beautiful red rose? This pattern is perfect for knitting a single rose or whole bouquet in a variety of colours.

valentine's day knitting patterns

Pattern Designer: Kristen McDonnell

If you’ve found this blog helpful and give any of these Valentine’s Day knitting patterns a go, tag Crafty Llama on Instagram so we can see your loving creations too. Check out our Knitting Shop if you need to add any supplies to your project bag and bring these wonderful patterns to life.

Happy knitting!

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