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Updated: Aug 12, 2023

The humble hexagon cardigan has been around for quite a few years - it's a variation of the classic granny square and is a great project for using up yarn. As anyone with an Instagram account has seen, the hexagons are well and truly enjoying a heyday, with a huge range of colours and pattern variations to discover. If you are embarking on your own hexagon cardigan, check out these bright and cheerful creations for inspiration!

Don't forget to check out to find funky yarn and crochet hooks in order to make your cardigan totally unique!

For a larger-scale project with repetitive rows I highly recommend getting your hands on a KnitPro row counter ring, it's a real game changer when it comes to keeping track of your progress.

This is a scrap yarn project with a big secret - it glows under UV light!

Kelly Phelps, aka @craftandacuppa, has a whole range of paid and free patterns for her creative crochet clothes.

The Candy Cardigan is sure to bring a smile to chilly days - the colours make me think of ice cream!

As @hookedandhappy points out, hexagon cardigans are a great way to use up yarn when clearing through your stash.

If you are trying to decide what length to make your cardigan, why not consider something cropped?

Picking an orange-based colour scheme is perfect for both autumn and spring vibes.

I absolutely adore the star and moon granny squares at the back of this cardigan.

For the pattern for @the_craftling 's piece check out @amyt.designs 's page

The handmade buttons on this piece make it extra special.

Sadly, the yarn for this cardigan is no longer sold, but a similar effect could be achieved by using different shades of green scrap yarn.

A pop of pink!

This one's very topical - it's Barbie themed! I've yet to come across an Oppenheimer cardi but you never know...

Very stylish!

If you've made a hexagon cardigan (or Hexagon sweater) let us know on Instagram by messaging our page @craftyllamauk - we'd love to include yours!

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