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5 Coastal Grandma Knitting & Crochet Patterns

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

coastal grandma knitting crochet patterns

'Coastal Grandma' is the big thing everywhere right now! According to Glamour, the Coastal Grandma aesthetic is “the crisp, monied, perennially summertime lifestyle of a beautiful older woman in a Nancy Meyers movie or an Eileen Fisher photo shoot.” So think lightweight fabrics, pastel and neutral colours, and somewhat modest clothing.

Sounds appealing to you? If so, read on because we here at Crafty Llama have found five knitting/crocheting patterns that fit right into the Coastal Grandma aesthetic/trend!

1. The first pattern is by @Drops Design and it is a crochet bucket hat. The ‘Elven Queen Hat’ serves a fusion of trendy (bucket hat) and aesthetics (crochet beachy granny style).

coastal grandma knitting crochet patterns

What you’ll need:

2. This next pattern, also by